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Adriana Chou

Adriana Chou

  • Research Associate

Contact Information

2330 Post Street, Suite 260
Box 0144
San Francisco, CA 94115
voice: 415-353-7252
fax: 415-885-3886
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Stanford Unviersity, B.A. Human Biology

  • Investigator-initiated quality of life studies and industry-sponsored clinical trials.

Adriana works as a research associate and study coordinator under the primary investigatorship of Dr. Madhulika Varma in the Department of Surgery. She coordinates all of Dr. Varma's investigator-initiated quality of life studies, as well as clinical trials. These industry-sponsored trials include studies involving colorectal cancer, fecal incontinence, and the visualization of perfusion in surgery.

In college, Adriana studied Human Biology with a focus in International Health, and wishes to pursue a future career in health, medicine, and research.


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